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Hello, my name is Veronica Mitchell. I would like to talk to you about chain link fence options, installation and maintenance. When we bought our first home, it did not have any fencing around the perimeter of the yard. After our dog escaped several times, we sought chain link to keep her contained without impacting our beautiful view. I will share the information I learned about chain link on this site to help others embrace their type of fencing. I hope you will use the information I share to install chain link and maintain its beauty. Thank you for visiting my site. Please come back again soon.

How To Make A Commercial Fence More Private

15 December 2017
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Do you currently have a chain link fence around your business, but now discovering that it is not giving you the privacy that you need? If so, be aware that there are ways to improve your privacy without getting a whole new fence. Here are 3 ways that you can do it. Use Privacy Slats While a chain link fence offers a lot of security to keep people out, it doesn't stop them from looking in. Read More …

How To Dig Holes For Fence Posts

22 November 2017
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Installing a fence is a pretty simple, but tiring and physically demanding job. The most difficult part of the entire process is digging the holes for the fence posts. This is also perhaps the most vital part of the entire installation. If your fence posts aren't firmly set in a concrete footing, your entire fence can end up being flimsy and week. This article explains the best process for digging holes in the soil for concrete footings that can be used for a fence post. Read More …

Benefits Of Opting For An Aluminum Fence

23 October 2017
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During the process of having a new fence installed, the decision about the type of material to use for the fence will be one of the most important choices that you make. While aluminum can be a very effective and affordable option, it is common for homeowners to be unaware of the full extent of the benefits this material will offer. Versatility An important attribute of aluminum fencing is that you will be able to buy this type of fencing in a wide range of styles. Read More …

How To Maintain And Add Privacy To Your Backyard Chain Link Fence

3 August 2017
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A chain link fence around your backyard can protect your children, pets, and garden plants from outside intruders. Keeping your chain link fence clean and free of weed growth, and updating it to provide privacy to your yard can help boost your fence's value and usefulness. Here are three ways that can help you accomplish this. Clean It As your chain link fence ages, it can become stained and develop rust, especially as any galvanization wears off after being in the elements for decades. Read More …

How To Make Your Back Deck Safer For An Elderly Person

29 June 2017
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If you have an elderly person living in your home, such as if you are taking care of your aging parents, you probably want to make sure that the home is as safe and accommodating for this person as possible. For example, you might be concerned that your back deck isn't very safe for your elderly loved one, and you probably want to ensure that he or she can enjoy the outdoors on the deck just as you do. Read More …