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Hello, my name is Veronica Mitchell. I would like to talk to you about chain link fence options, installation and maintenance. When we bought our first home, it did not have any fencing around the perimeter of the yard. After our dog escaped several times, we sought chain link to keep her contained without impacting our beautiful view. I will share the information I learned about chain link on this site to help others embrace their type of fencing. I hope you will use the information I share to install chain link and maintain its beauty. Thank you for visiting my site. Please come back again soon.

How To Maintain And Add Privacy To Your Backyard Chain Link Fence

3 August 2017
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A chain link fence around your backyard can protect your children, pets, and garden plants from outside intruders. Keeping your chain link fence clean and free of weed growth, and updating it to provide privacy to your yard can help boost your fence's value and usefulness. Here are three ways that can help you accomplish this. Clean It As your chain link fence ages, it can become stained and develop rust, especially as any galvanization wears off after being in the elements for decades. Read More …

How To Make Your Back Deck Safer For An Elderly Person

29 June 2017
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If you have an elderly person living in your home, such as if you are taking care of your aging parents, you probably want to make sure that the home is as safe and accommodating for this person as possible. For example, you might be concerned that your back deck isn't very safe for your elderly loved one, and you probably want to ensure that he or she can enjoy the outdoors on the deck just as you do. Read More …

Learn How to Protect Your Commercial Nursery by Having a Fence Built Around the Perimeter of Your Nursery

16 March 2017
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When you own a commercial nursery, it is important to have a way to secure the plants within the nursery during the times when the business is not open. Rather than having to pull the plants in and out of a greenhouse each day, you could have a commercial fence added to the property. The following guide walks you through a few tips to consider when having a commercial fence created around your commercial nursery. Read More …

3 Simple Solutions to Naturally Clean Your Wood Fence

3 March 2017
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From creating privacy between neighbors to enclosing your children and pets in the backyard, it is easy to see the benefits of a fence. While a fence can improve your daily life, add value, and enhance your home's appeal, proper maintenance is essential to protect this investment. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose harsh, toxic chemicals to clean their fence. These chemicals may not only affect your health, but they also pollute the air and local water sources. Read More …

Useful Tips For Selecting A Fence Contractor

6 November 2014
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Before you begin the task of constructing a fence on your property, it is recommended that you contact a local fence contractor to survey your property in order to ensure that you will not run into any issues, including accidentally building on your neighbor's property. Here are some useful tips to consider when selecting the right fence contractor, one like Hinesville Fence. Plan Your Project Before contacting a fence contractor, it is highly recommended that you first plan out your project, more specifically where you want your fence to be placed and how much money you are willing to spend on a contractor. Read More …