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Hello, my name is Veronica Mitchell. I would like to talk to you about chain link fence options, installation and maintenance. When we bought our first home, it did not have any fencing around the perimeter of the yard. After our dog escaped several times, we sought chain link to keep her contained without impacting our beautiful view. I will share the information I learned about chain link on this site to help others embrace their type of fencing. I hope you will use the information I share to install chain link and maintain its beauty. Thank you for visiting my site. Please come back again soon.

Don’t Fence In Your Creativity; Try These 6 Spectacular Fence Ideas

25 January 2017
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You don't have to settle for a boring fence. With a little imagination, you can turn your plain fence into something really special. Turn on your creative juices and get inspired by these 6 fun fence ideas.  Paint a Mural All you need to turn a boring fence into something remarkable is a little bit of paint. Think of your wooden fence as a blank canvas, and turn it into a work of art. Read More …

Considering A Dog Fence? Here Are The Basics

26 July 2016
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According to theAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are approximately 70 to 80 million dogs living in homes across America. If you are one of these proud dog owners, chances are one of your biggest concerns is your furry family member's safety. Building a fence is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to keep your dog safely on your property. If you're constructing an above-ground dog fence, here are a few basics to consider: Read More …

Protect And Beautify Your Vegetable Garden With Advanced Vinyl Fencing

15 December 2015
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If you want to keep animals out of your vegetable garden but don't like the look of metal fencing, try advanced vinyl fencing instead. Vinyl fencing is a unique replacement for steel and aluminum fencing, because it's resistant to rust and insect infestations. In addition, vinyl comes in many colors to match your garden's theme. Here's how advanced vinyl fencing adds protection and beauty to your vegetable garden.  Protective Features  Read More …

5 Ideas For Making Your Privacy Fence Stand Out

27 October 2015
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Installing a privacy fence gives you instant peace and quiet in your yard, which is nice even when you get along great with your neighbors. However, those bare metal, vinyl, or wood panels can feel like a big investment when they're only blocking the view of cars passing by. Add extra visual appeal or functional value to your fence with these five easy upgrades. Use Recycled Metal If you've decided that metal panels best fit your needs, consider corrugated sheets removed from old houses and barns. Read More …

The Advantages Offered By Using Artificial Plant Panels To Cover And Beautify Your Fence

20 October 2015
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A vine-covered fence is beautiful and adds charm to almost any landscape; however, there are a number of disadvantages to "greening" your fence with live plants. The good news is there is a great alternative for homeowners who wish to have the look of a planted fence yet avoid the hassles associated with live plants. Artificial plant panels, sometimes known as ficus panels, are an alternative worth exploring for many reasons. Read More …