Considering A Natural Wood Privacy Fence? Know The Pros And Cons

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Considering A Natural Wood Privacy Fence? Know The Pros And Cons

22 March 2018
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Are you looking to fence off the property line around your home so those nosey neighbors cannot easily look in? You may be looking into a natural wood privacy fence to get the job done. While it is a very common fencing material due to its rustic look, it has its own pros and cons you need to be aware of before you move forward with an installation.

Pros of Natural Wood Privacy Fencing

Many homeowners settle on using natural wood for the following reasons.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

Wood fencing is typically sourced from tree farms that are a sustainable source of wood. They grow the trees for the purpose of creating fencing material and then plant new trees once they have been harvested. This means that materials will not be depleted for the purpose of creating your fence.

In addition, wood fencing is environmentally friendly due to how the material degrades over time. When the wood fence is eventually replaced, know that it will not consume space inside a landfill

It Is Easy To Repair

The nice thing about a natural wood fence is how it is easy to repair on your own. Loose boards are simple to secure back to the frame with screws or nails. If a wood board completely breaks, you can easily replace it with a new board that closely matches it. You can even shift boards around so that a weathered piece replaced a commonly seen damaged board, and you fit the new board in somewhere you won't see it, like behind your garage or shed.

Cons of Natural Wood Privacy Fencing

There are some reasons that you may want to use an alternative fencing material.

It Won't Last Forever

Of all the various fencing materials out there, wood is going to have one of the shortest lifespans. If you are hoping to buy one fence for the remainder that you are in your home, you will find yourself needing to replace a wood fence sooner than vinyl or metal.

It Requires Maintenance

Wood is a material that requires a bit of maintenance over the years. Expect to stain and seal the material when necessary, which will prevent water from getting into the wood and causing premature rot. This type of maintenance does extend the lifespan of the wood, so it is worth doing if you want it to last.

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