How To Make A Commercial Fence More Private

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How To Make A Commercial Fence More Private

15 December 2017
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Do you currently have a chain link fence around your business, but now discovering that it is not giving you the privacy that you need? If so, be aware that there are ways to improve your privacy without getting a whole new fence. Here are 3 ways that you can do it.

Use Privacy Slats

While a chain link fence offers a lot of security to keep people out, it doesn't stop them from looking in. Thankfully, it is easy to alter this type of fence by using privacy slats. They are pieces of metal or vinyl that are woven through the link of the chain link material, which will hold them in place. The privacy slats will not stop someone from trying to peak between the slats while close up, but they will stop those from glancing in as they pass by on the sidewalk or in their car.

Privacy slats are very easy to have installed, so you can do it on your own once you have ordered the materials. The slats are manufactured in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to find a style that works with the existing decor of the business.

Use Landscaping

There are many landscaping techniques that can add privacy to your business, even if you can clearly see through your existing fencing material. One way to do it is with ivy. This plant glows quickly, and can weave through the fencing material to prevent others from looking inside.

You can achieve a similar result by planting tall hedges directly in front of the fence. These evergreen plants will give you privacy all year round, even during the winter. Hedges can also be trimmed to give the business a great look, but will require upkeep throughout the year to keep them in the proper shape.

Use Netting

For a temporary solution, you can very quickly add privacy using a tarp or netting. You often see these around construction sites where they do not want people looking in. The material is tied to your fence and limits what people can see from the outside. Be aware that tarps and nets often have holes in them to prevent wind from getting trapped behind the material, but for the most part, will give you more privacy when you're in a pinch.

For more information and ideas on how to get your to fence provide more privacy, speak to a fencing contractor in your area.