Learn How to Protect Your Commercial Nursery by Having a Fence Built Around the Perimeter of Your Nursery

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Learn How to Protect Your Commercial Nursery by Having a Fence Built Around the Perimeter of Your Nursery

16 March 2017
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When you own a commercial nursery, it is important to have a way to secure the plants within the nursery during the times when the business is not open. Rather than having to pull the plants in and out of a greenhouse each day, you could have a commercial fence added to the property. The following guide walks you through a few tips to consider when having a commercial fence created around your commercial nursery.

Consider the Height of the Fence

You first need to decide how tall you want the fence to be. It is best to have a fence built that is at a height that people will not be able to climb over easily. Fences can be made to just about any height you choose. You want to be sure that the fence is tall enough to keep thieves out but short enough to still allow plenty of sunlight to get onto the property.

Consider the Visibility Through the Fence

There are a lot of expensive pieces of equipment that you need to use in the nursery to keep everything running. Having the equipment out where they can easily be seen can tempt thieves to attempt to steal them during the hours when your business is closed. Choose fencing that does not have a lot of gaps in it to ensure that someone cannot easily see where the heavy equipment is being stored.

Consider the Opening to the Fence

When choosing the layout of the fence, be sure to take measurements to make sure that delivery trucks and all of your heavy equipment can easily get through the opening of the fence. The gate to the fence can be put on heavy-duty hinges so that it can easily be opened and closed as needed.

Consider the Security of the Fence

You need to be sure that the gate to the fence has a way to easily be secured at the end of each day. Take the time to invest in a large lock that cannot easily be removed or opened.

When you meet with the fence company, you will be able to see samples of the options that are available so that you can choose the fencing that will look best around your nursery. The company should be able to give you an estimate for what the fence will cost before the build even begins. This allows you to consider if there are any cutbacks you want to make to have the fence fit within a specific budget. For more information, contact a business such as Perimeter Fence Co.