Don't Fence In Your Creativity; Try These 6 Spectacular Fence Ideas

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Don't Fence In Your Creativity; Try These 6 Spectacular Fence Ideas

25 January 2017
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You don't have to settle for a boring fence. With a little imagination, you can turn your plain fence into something really special. Turn on your creative juices and get inspired by these 6 fun fence ideas. 

Paint a Mural

All you need to turn a boring fence into something remarkable is a little bit of paint. Think of your wooden fence as a blank canvas, and turn it into a work of art. You don't have to be an a gifted artist to paint your fence. Try one of these easy ideas. 

  • Paint a row of cute flowers. 
  • Paint the outlines of children playing, and fill them in black. 
  • Paint stripes by making each board a different color.
  • Let your kids dip their hands in paint and cover the fence with their handprints.  

If you have a home business, a fence is a great advertising opportunity. Paint your logo, business name, and phone number along your fence so people can see it from the road. 

Build a Vertical Garden

Use the holes in a chain-link fence or other kind of partially open fence to grow plants or flowers on a vine. Grow string beans, grapes, or tomatoes up the side of your fence. You can also grow watermelon and cantaloupe this way. 

Fences covered in flowers can be especially beautiful. Garden Know How suggests using a fence to grow clematis, climbing hydrangea, wisteria, and other flowers. 

Light It Up

Create an outdoor wonderland by stringing lights across your fencing. Hang just one strand, or hang hundreds for an amazing light show. You can also find lights that look like chili peppers, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, and other objects. 

Solar lights are great for this purpose. You can also plug your electric lights into a solar panel. 

Feed the Birds

Turn your fence into a paradise for birds. Place one or several adorable birdhouses all over your fence. You can also add some on poles that are stuck in the ground around the fence. After you've given your feathered friends a place to live, offer them something to eat. 

Place hooks on your fence to hang bird feeders. You can even install small cages for suet all along the top. Add some cute metal bird sculptures for a whimsical look. 

Create an Outdoor Play Space

Use your fence as a place your kids can go to have fun and chill out. Choose a corner section of your fence and add shelves for outdoor toys and art supplies. You can also install a large toy box for storing your little one's treasures. Add an outdoor chair for kids to read or a picnic table for having lunch outside on a sunny day. 

Turn It Into a Flower Garden

Containers for plants are beautiful when they are hung along a fence. Hang them randomly, or organize them in rows or in a pattern. You can also hang shelving to hold more flower pots. Place larger containers along the bottom of the fence for big plants and flowers. Use random objects for this like old wagons, bicycles, tires, and bath fixtures to hold elements of your flower garden. 

Grow flowers that are brightly colored and exciting. Also consider plants that cascade down like waterfalls. The beauty of flower pots is that you can try different floral combinations until you find something that you love. 

Your fence doesn't have to be ordinary. Use hard work and great ideas to make your fence something really special to delight your friends and neighbors. Become the coolest house on your street when you use these 6 ideas for a fantastic fence. Contact a fencing service in your area for more information and ideas.