Tips For Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Chain Link Fence

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Tips For Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Chain Link Fence

15 October 2015
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Let's face it. Installing chain link fencing around your yard is a great way to keep kids and pets inside the yard, but aesthetically, it leaves a little to be desired. These fences don't offer privacy and can look a little like a prison yard. The good news is there are several ways you can dress up that chain link fence once the contractors are gone.

Make a Garden Wall

Using the chain link fence as a garden wall won't hurt the fence or compromise it's security, but it will breathe new life into your backyard. It's design makes it easy to hang nearly anything as garden décor, and its strength will support the weight. Consider displaying the following from theyour chain link fence.

  • Mirrors: Old mirrors add a touch of charm to any garden. Look for one with a weather-proof frame and attach it to the chain link fence. Mirrors work best in the yard or garden when they are placed so they reflect plants or interesting garden features. You can even use a full-length mirror to create the illusion of a door in the fence. To further enhance the illusion, place potted vines at either side of the mirror and let them climb the fence to create a natural frame to the magical door.

  • Window Frames & Screen Doors: If country charm is your style, gather several old wooden window frames and an old screen door and attach them to the "wall." You can use an old mirror to line the windows first to create the illusion of peering through the wall.

  • Window Boxes: Add wooden or pre-made window boxes to the faux windows and fill them with flowers. This creates the image of a cottage tucked at the back of your yard.

  • Garden Art: A chain link fence makes the perfect wall for displaying garden art. Think of it as a whimsical gallery and have some fun displaying recycled art, metal sculptures, wind chimes or decorative birdhouses.

Create a Living Wall

To transform your chain link fence into a living wall, you will need to prepare the soil in front of the fence and plant climbing vines. They will cling to the mesh of the fence and create a privacy shield within a few weeks. Consider these plants for covering a chain link fence.

  • Morning Glories: These flowers grow to heights of 15 to 20 feet and produce blooms in shades of white, pink, blue and red with some striking bi-colors as well. Morning glories bloom in the morning light and close by noon when the sun's ray are strong. For the best effect, plant morning glories on a fence on the northern or western side of your yard. They will continue to bloom until the foliage is killed by the frost in the fall.

  • Black Eyed Susan Vine: This climbing plant produces an abundance of bright yellow or orange flowers with a dark center. The foliage is an attractive light to medium green. These flowers bloom from early summer until late fall and add warmth to the wall.

  • Evergreen Vines: If you prefer a simple evergreen vine, there are several you can choose from. Consider Boston or English Ivy or creeping fig to create a blanket of green on your chain link fence. Evergreen vines also create a shady area for resting on hot afternoons. Place a bench in front of the fence to create a cozy retreat to sit and relax after a long day.

Other options for concealing the chain link fence is ordinary paint. You may want to consider hiring your fence contractors to paint the fence in a natural green so that it blends into the existing area. Talk to a contractor like Harrington & Company about any concerns you have about the appearance of you chain link fence and get his advice before painting the existing fence.