7 Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Chain Link Fence

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7 Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Chain Link Fence

13 October 2015
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A chain link fence is a great option for your home because it's inexpensive and effective. The trouble for most people is that it's not the best-looking choice. However, if you get a little creative, there are many ways you can dress up your chain link fence to make it look unique and beautiful. Here are some ways that you can make your chain link fence look better than any other fence out there.

Flowering Vines

Planting some flowering vines is a fantastic way to make your fence look gorgeous. Plant the vines and grow them up along the entire length of your fence. Plant them on the inside so the flowers grow facing the street. You will have beautiful flowers blooming out of almost every link in your fence, making it look like a wall of flowers surrounding your home.

Needlepoint Lace

If you or someone you know can do needlepoint, you can incorporate that into your fence. A team of designers in Rotterdam has created a beautiful, lacey work of art out of needlepoint and chain links. Create some beautiful images or just some patterns along your fence.

Plastic Cups

If needlepoint isn't your thing, plastic cups are something anyone can use to decorate. It might sound strange, but it looks phenomenal after you're finished. Find a pattern that you would like to display on your fence, and paint enough plastic cups to fill every hole. Put the plastic cups in each hole so it creates the pattern you want, and secure each cup to the fence with a zip tie. Once it is finished, it won't even look like plastic cups unless you stand up close. It will just look like a beautiful pattern on the fence.


Securing trellises to your chain link fence is also a great way to decorate it. The trellises will completely cover the chain link and give it a beautiful look. You can add climbing vines after the trellises are added, or just leave them plain. You can plant large flowers and small trees in front of them to give your yard some extra privacy. Even if the chain link isn't fully covered, you'll be immediately drawn to the wood and you won't even notice it.


You can buy fabric wind/sunshields from many different stores during the springtime. They're meant to go around a porch to give you extra shade while you are spending time outside or having a party. They come in many different colors and patterns to match your style. The best part is, they fit perfectly over a chain link fence. You can drape them over each side of your fence and fasten them in place. It will give your home and yard an amazing look.

Make it Quirky

If you have a quirky and eclectic style, don't be afraid to advertise that around your home. You can put something fun in front of your chain link fence that advertises your personality. If you live by the beach, you can line up different color surfboards along the fence. If you love flags, you can fasten different flags along the length of your fence. It will give your home a unique look and give you privacy as well.

Bamboo Reeds

You can buy long, thin bamboo reeds from any hardware store. You can put them on your chain link fence to dress it up and give you some privacy. This also allows you to have any pattern fence you want for a fraction of the cost. You can put them all vertical along the fence, or you can put them diagonal with another layer over them in the other direction for a hex pattern.

A chain link fence might seem like a plain option, but it can be the most beautiful option. With a little creativity and time, you will have the best fence in the neighborhood. You can read more here about your options with chain link fencing.